RBG Contractors, Inc. provides the best products, incorporates the newest technologies and utilizes the most efficient workforce to complete each and every project.

Our Services

Analysis and Solutions

We provide analysis and solutions to heat problems utilizing our family of high performance coatings: SuperTherm, Super Base, HPC, etc. Read more.


We provide encapsulation services for asbestos, mold, mildew, lead-based paints and other bio-hazardous materials. Read more.

High Pressure Washing

We utilize our family of soaps, cleaners and acids to pressure wash steel, wood, brick, stone, tile and concrete surfaces. Read more.


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  • Our Products

    Super Therm®
    Rust Grip®
    Moist Metal Grip
    Enamo Grip
    Hot Pipe Coating™
    iSTUCCO System
    Lining Kote
    Super Base
    Omega Fire™
    Hot Surface Coating™
    SP Super Grafitti Cleaner
    Mastic Sealing Tape
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